For this fourth round, we have been learned about the Codeboard with Cindy and we also have some test for that too. It herds but it’s just so messy and kinda dizzy a bit.

Physical Science

In this second round, we learned some about the periodic table. the periodic table is the thing that organized and very useful and has a lot of chemical in it. Chemical is a form of matter having a constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. We did not really learn into the very the deep of it but we just learned from the beginning of it.

Math Portfolio round 2

In this scene round, I learned more about Primary-Mathematics 5A and also I fi this book too. I was very happy about that when I have done this book because it’s so helpful and hard. Also, I learn a lot of new thing in the class like Multiply and Divide fraction, Perimeter and about the Ratio it’s was so helpful for me to learn in the class.


So in this second round, I didn’t learn a lot in this class because I have a long big trip outside Liger BUT I also learn some of them too. For me, I learn about how to make pixel story, edits something like that. It’s was not very happy for me because I didn’t learn a lot and teacher have some quiet so I did know to do all of them so that is my problem in this class right now. After I got from the trip I have learned more about the camera and the recorder how to test the voice like that yeh and that what I learned from this round thank.