How to be happy when you angry

Have you ever have a problem (Mad) when you are angry? Well today!!, We will teach you how to be happy when you angry. Because most of the time people just being or doing crazy when they are angry and that is not good at all, it’s also can affect people around them.
Here is some idea for you:
1. Always stay calm. Stay calm when you are angry is a good idea for you by counting to 100 to 200.etc. It can help your body not to do something not good like fight people around you or throw some rocks to your friends.
2. Run far and fast as you can. This can help you because if you run fast and far for a long time (20-30minutes) you will feel tired then you will not angry anymore.
3. Think about it again and again (The problem). Sometimes you may not always right so you can just check and think about it again.
4. Relax, is the best idea for you. You can just relax with music or watch TV or do your favorite thing and enjoy it.
5. Keep smiling.
6. Ask someone for help. This is for only if have no more choice but you still feel angry, please find someone that can help you like your parents or friends or teacher or older people.etc.
This is how I always do it when I get angry. You have more idea than that if you want to. Thank you for reading this very very much and I hope you enjoy your beautiful happy life. 😀
CheyMakara Chan

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