OutDoor Leadership

In this exploration, we learn how to be a good leader outside, nature, a CPR, etc. When it’s my first time to learn that I have no idea about it but when I learned about I feel I can do it without someone to tell me. For the first trip in week 2, we went to Kirirom in Kompong Spier proven. It’s was so amazing, fun, cool, good, etc. We were camping near one lang in that place because it’s will be better then we were at the airplane place. After that, we were going hiking for 2 or 3 KM and we ate lunch at that place too. When we finish we go back to our place and start to put our tent, make fire, cooks dinner, etc. At the night time, we were made a campfire, ate dinner & mas malo, play around and share out though. Then we go back to Liger after we ate back first and get our done. When we back to liger we have a lot of experiment there than we need to prepare for the second big trip for 4 days. So on the second trip, it’s really cold because we were to Mondulkiri private and stay at RDI for 4 days. At that night we were cooking, playing, and do a lot of things together after that we just go to sleep for go to the waterfall. We go to the waterfall called in Putang village in the morning. The way that we go it not easy because it’s was a lot of trees, plant on the way go there, after a long way it’s 12:00 am so everyone just cooking but we don’t know how so our granite teach us to do it and the finally the foods was so amazing. We come back to the RDI and have some fun and we make a fire too in that night. Then we go to the big water one but I don’t remember the name of it and it the way that we go was so long (More than + 4 km). It’s really so long way to go hot and tired when I go BUT as I come back I didn’t feel that I’m tired anymore because I just sleepwalk when I can’t walk anymore after I feel so good and more power to walk more so that why I sleepwalk along the way. Oh wait back to the big waterfall it’s so cool, cold, big then I was thinking before. The teacher also has something for us to do to like make bates for a vetom, help a vetom (But vetom are not a real vetom). The last night we to the restored and it was a bad luck for me because I paid 10.000៛ (5,000៛ per cup) just for one avocado cup (Because they forgot to give me back 5.000៛) but it’s okay. After that, we just came back to liger and clean our staff.

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