Say no to plastic

In this round, I have done the exploration call Say no to single plastic in Liger for this year. In this exploration, we are trying to eliminate the single using plastic in Liger. In the beginning, we want to stop using plastic any more but WAIT NO!! we can’t do that because teacher Da sed <<We need to stop single-use plastic at liger >> it’s mean now plastic is the part of our life.After that we working on Singel use plastic at Liger, we got an idea to stop plastic straw and plastic bags. We’re trying to put the policy to stop using the plastic straw and plastic bags by don’t bring them into Liger and stop using by using the bamboo straw, metal straw, and grass straw instead of using a plastic straw and the nylon bags. We are also going to Aeon1 and 2 to interviewed and shop for the grass straw, nylon bags, straw, metal straw, cups etc…


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